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7 Simple Ways You Can Save Your Money Fast Without Having a Lifestyle Overhaul

Time to start saving now. No more excuses.



How long have you been dreaming of having a big fat savings account? What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to start saving up for your future and we know just how to do it without you having to turn your life upside down. Try these 7 easy steps and start saving money fast!

Start budgeting

Budgeting really helps you manage your savings and expenses well. If you come up with a solid budget plan for everything—from groceries to shopping to gas and to leisure, you can easily keep track of every penny that goes in and out. Also, once you start budgeting, you can clearly see and evaluate your necessary expenses and examine your bills. Once you have a crystal clear idea of how much money goes to your expenses, only then will you be able to include your savings to your budget. 

Stop eating out

If you think eating out saves you money and time, think again! Eating out doesn’t save you money, it COSTS you money, big time. Yes, it may save some of your time, thanks to the drive-thrus and deliveries, but money-wise, eating out is so expensive! Try cooking at home and bringing packed lunches and breakfasts to work. It may seem a little expensive at first because you’ll have to buy more groceries, but you’ll notice there’s a big difference when you compare eating out every day for a week to buying a week’s worth of meals in groceries. Plus, preparing your own food doesn’t just save you money, it also makes you healthier.


Follow the great Marie Kondo’s lead and start throwing out things that don’t spark joy. Decluttering is a good method for you to clean up some space in your home and also an opportunity to earn more. If you have lots of old clothes you don’t want to wear anymore, then try selling them online for half the price. Or if you have many collectibles and trinkets that don’t give you joy anymore, you can hold a mini garage sale. Pretty sure there are other people who will enjoy your old trinkets. 

The $5 challenge

The $5 challenge is perhaps the easiest and simplest one of all. Basically, every time you come across a $5 bill, you keep it. You don’t use it and you just keep it for a certain period of time—a year or three, up to you. You can put the bills you collected in an old mason jar or an old wine bottle so you can see your progress, no matter how small. You can also decide which bills you want to save, if you want bigger and faster savings, you can go for a $20 or a $50. 

Do the 30-day challenge

This is a very interesting challenge that isn’t for the faint of heart. For real. This challenge will require you to wait a whole month before purchasing something. Why? Because this challenge’s goal is for you to avoid instant gratification from buying. So basically, when you feel like buying something, you have to think and assess if it’s worth the money for 30 days, and if after 30 days you still have the urge to buy it, only then will you buy it. Quite often, after 30 long days, you’ll feel the urge to buy it fade away so that means you don’t really need that item and it saved yourself some money. 

Stick to your grocery list

Grocery shopping is all fun and games until you get to the cash register and get surprised by how much you’ve bought. There’s no turning back now, your items have already been punched and the longer you hesitate, the stronger the cashier’s urge to punch you. Just kidding. But it’s true, almost every time that you go grocery shopping, you exceed your budget. And it’s not a good thing, it defies the purpose of having a budget in the first place. So before grocery shopping, list down all the necessary things you need to buy and STICK TO IT. No extras. Not even cheese. 

Find a good bank

Saving money on your own is good as you have full control of everything. You can withdraw and deposit anytime you want without having to deal with lines and people. But on the downside, your money doesn’t grow. That’s why you need to find a good bank you can trust and rely on. Open a savings account and promise yourself to religiously deposit and only withdraw in cases of emergencies and dire need. 

Start saving now!